Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

Nanfans Ballet School aims to provide a high quality and positive dance experience to all those attending our classes and as such we ask that all participants adhere to the relevant terms and conditions below:

  • Student details will be held on the Nanfans Ballet School database and will not be divulged to 3rd parties without authorisation except for fire and safety purposes
  • All class fees to be paid in full prior to the start of each term. No refunds will be given
  • If any pupil is withdrawn a minimum of half a term's notice must be given in writing by the preceding half term holiday 
  • Attendance at a class assumes acceptance of these terms and conditions
  • Silver Swans only: cash to be paid at the start of each lesson.  As there is a waiting list for this class, you must attend a minimum of half a terms classes to retain your place unless under exceptional circumstances 
  • Fees are reviewed annually, and we reserve the right to change fees giving no less than six weeks’ notice
  • Registration forms must be filled in and submitted prior to attendance at a class
  • You must notify us of any changes to contact or medical information to enable us to keep up-to-date information for the safety of you or your child
  • Students participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform Nanfans Ballet School and its staff of any existing injuries or medical conditions along with emergency contact information
  • Nanfans Ballet School will from time to time take photographs and film footage of students during class time and shows for use in marketing and publicity material. If you do not wish for you or your child to be photographed or filmed, please indicate on the registration form otherwise permission is assumed
  • Term dates for the following term will be made known in writing at the end of each term
  • Ballet students will be prepared for examinations under the Royal academy of Dance
  • Dance staff will use appropriate physical contact when required for the purposes of teaching dance
  • Nanfans Ballet School asks that all participants abide by the Health & Safety requirements of the venue
  • Nanfans Ballet School accepts no responsibility for any loss of property or personal injury during class times
  • Correct footwear and clothing must be worn to all classes and at all times
  • No jewellery is to be worn in class and hair must be tied back off the face. 
  • Children only: by enrolling in our classes, you are agreeing to take part in our biennial shows
  • All students must arrive to class on time
  • We are only responsible for your child within the times of their dance class.
  • You must pick up your child on time and pick them up in the venue, not outside the venue